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Come and play outside with us!

If you are looking for an awesome opportunity to work in an outdoor preschool environment, Saplings Outdoor Program is the one! We are looking for qualified Early Childhood Educators to join our team. 

If you are interested in outdoor education, please email your resume to:

We invite you to join us as a volunteer for a few sessions in one of our programs to provide you with an opportunity to gain first hand experience as an Educator at Saplings Outdoor Program. This will give you a sense of whether there is a "good fit" between you and Saplings.

Here is a direct link to our job posting on Indeed.

Please contact us for any other questions using the form below. 

Saplings Outdoor Program offers a wide-range of workshops for teachers, early childhood educators, forest school educators and parents. Please state you are looking for information about the workshops when submitting the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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