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Saplings Camps

A camp for the adventurous, creative, nature-loving child.
Each day at Saplings is a little bit different. Our nature based activities include fort and shelter making competitions, fairy house building, nature art, and even creating your own bow and arrow! We play classic childhood games such as survival, man hunt and capture the flag, while our flexible program continues to provide children with plenty of free-time to socialize, explore their own interests and just enjoy the wonders around them
Our Camps  

Nature Primary School (North Vancouver): 3-5 Year Old Camp & 6-12 Year Old Camp

Everett Crowley: 5-11 year olds

Gleneagles Preschool: 3-5 year olds 

Lighthouse Park: Registration West Van Recreation 

Squint Lake Park, Burnaby: 5 -11 years old

NEW STEM Summer Camp (Limited Space) 8-14 years old
Gender Creative Kids Camp : email to register

CLICK the button below to register for our  Camps

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