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Saplings Preschool

child climbing a tree

Location: Gleneagles Community Centre

6262 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC
V7W 2S5

Monthly Pricing 

We offer a nature-based, licensed preschool that provides children an opportunity to connect with the natural environment in a safe and enjoyable way.  Children are imaginative, resourceful, and inquisitive beings who are most comfortable in a natural setting. Children are encouraged to engage in activities that interest them, while we facility in the natural learning process.

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Is this program eligible for Supported Child Development funding?


Is this program eligible for Affordable Child Care Benefit?

What is the minimum age requirement?
We typically start at age 3, however, we have limited spots available for ages 2.5 up to 3. If your child is under 3, please email to inquire about spaces availability.


What is the educator to child ratio?
In our preschool programs we try to keep our ratios small. Legal ratio is 1 to 8, however, we typically try to operate at a 1 to 6 ratio.

What’s the cancellation policy?
We require one-months written notice for all cancellations.


Is there an inside facility?
Yes, we rent the “rainbow room” in the Community Centre. But remember, we are a forest school! So you won’t see us inside too much!


What happens if it rains?
At Saplings, we believe there is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing. When you register, you will receive a list of suggested gear to keep your child comfortable in all weather. When it rains, we use tarps to build shelters, share hot tea and bring reusable hand warmers for the children. But the most vital thing we do is keep a positive attitude! Our attitudes about the weather influence the way we feel about it and the way the children feel about it. When we hit rain season, we’re sure you’ll see our educators joining the children in jumping through puddles and singing in the rain! 

Do my children have to be potty trained?
No, however, it is important to note that due to the outdoor nature of our program, frequent diaper changes are not possible. We recommend our program for children who are transitioning out of diapers / currently potty training / completely out of diapers. 


What do the children do at Saplings?
Each day at Saplings is a little different. Our program capitalizes on children’s intrinsic desire to learn, play and discover the world around them. We adapt our program to the natural pace of the children, and allow them to explore their interests to the fullest. Some of the nature based activities include fort and shelter making, fairyhouse building, and nature art. 

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