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Surviving Vancouver Rain

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

By Teacher TK

Surviving Vancouver Rain consists of two things: 1. Dressing right and… 2. Realizing that no matter how well you dress, you're still going to get wet! What does this mean for parents sending their little ones to forest school... During the cold rainy season, it is important to dress you child warm and waterproof Base Layer: Synthetic or wool long john shirt and pants; wool socks Mid Layer: Fleece or wool sweater and pants Outer Layer: Durable, WATERPROOF raincoat and rain-pants; warm toque; waterproof, insulated mittens; waterproof boots (Bogs are my favourite). *Depending on the tempature, it might be advisable to put a warm puffer jacket under their rain gear* Bring a doggy bags in your child's backpack, so if your child's boots get wet we can use the baggies to keep their socks nice and dry. On their backpacks make sure to put a waterproof rain cover to keep all of their extra clothes dry.

Remember: bring extra of everything!! Mitts, underwear, base layers and mid layers as mentioned above. Aside from dressing right, "surviving" the rain also has to do with our attitude towards it. At Saplings, we love rainy days! We dance, we sing, we move, we laugh and smile. Never underestimate the power of using positive language with and around your kiddos. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the next spectacular rainy day. Stay wild.

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