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Guiding Principals

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Imaginative, inquisitive, resourceful.

Our view of the child.

Appreciating our similarities and differences.

Teacher’s Role.

Co-learner, researcher, resource guide, lender of experience.


Environment as Teacher.

Open-ended, natural, and recycled scrap materials stimulate creativity and investigation.

Importance of Nature.
Explore the natural playground, encourage the preservation of our natural world, foster lifelong interest.

Time is Flexible.

Adapting to the natural pace of the children, we allow them to explore their interests to the fullest.

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Many Symbolic Languages of Children.

Activities inspired by nature & using imagination to make learning visible.

Make Learning Visible.
Documentation and reflection allow interpretation and analysis for true learning to take place

Local Community.

West Vancouver community and natural world as a classroom and teacher. Become involved, share knowledge, skills, and passions.

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