We love to bring adventure and wonder to the lives of children in our programs. See below for some testimonials about the Saplings experience!

I appreciate the respect and positive energy Heather and Jenn bring to the kids they teach. My daughter’s sense of wonder and joy of cooperative play has been heightened with each passing week. I love seeing her smily dirty face every time I pick her up from outdoor school.
— -Christine Siklic, Saplings Parent
Declan loves Saplings Outdoor Program. Cooking in the mud kitchen, advancing his tree climbing skills, and exploring bug diversity are just some of the many highlights of Declan’s outdoor preschool day. Jennifer and Heather are thoughtful and gifted educators and care givers who obviously love both the natural world and being with preschoolers. They have crafted an awesome program that incorporates the many benefits of nature-based exportation into two hours of happy, kid-centred, empowering fun.

Declan comes home encouraged and exhausted with mud in his eyebrows. It is a delightful thing.
— Rachel Clearwater, Saplings Parent