Registration instructions:

1.    Click registration link

2.   Select Create an Account

3.    Enter email and create password

4.    You will receive an email to verify your account, click the blue link

5.    Confirmation will say: “welcome to Amilia”, select Back to Amelia

6.    Select Members from the black menu on the left

7.    Select Add a Person

8.    Enter your own information and continue

9.    Select Edit button beside address and contact information to fill in your details

10.  Scroll to the top of the screen and select Add a Person

11.  Enter your child's information

12.  Select Find an Organization at the bottom of the black menu on the left to search for Saplings Outdoor Program, or follow the original registration link below and click on Saplings Outdoor Program Store

13.Select the desired program

14.  Select the desired activity

15.  Select the desired session (blue square button)

16.  Select the account owner (yourself) and click Save

17.  Select the “+” button beside your child's name

18.  Select the desired payment method
 Please note:  our echeck instalment system will be available soon. To use this method, please select the pay now option

19.   Select Continueto add more activities, or select Checkout to complete your registration

20.  Review that your purchases are correct, and select Checkout

21.  Select Update Personal Information to verify you are the guardian

22.  Select Continue my Purchase

23.  Choosing to pay online will currently default to credit card instalments. Choosing to pay offline will allow payment by echeck at a later date.

24.  Check off the terms and condition box, and select Complete Purchase