Saplings Outdoor Program


Saplings believes that nature is a child's best education. Fostering a child's sense of wonder for the great outdoors promotes lifelong learning and interest: inspirational, stimulating, and hands-on experiences manifest. The teacher is a resource to help children become aware of the important role nature plays in our lives. Being outdoors develops appreciation for the natural world and our responsibilities related to its preservation. At Saplings we adapt to the natural pace of the children, and allow them to explore their interests to the fullest.

Each day at Saplings is a little bit different. We allow the children’s imagination to guide our exploration and discoveries. Some of the nature based activities include fort and shelter making competitions, fairyhouse building, nature art, and even creating your own bow and arrow!

We value the importance of a flexible program which provide children with plenty of free-time to explore their own interests and enjoy the wonders around them.