Where are the camps located?
Douglas Woodward
Take the Exit for 15 St. (Cross Creek Rd) 
Continue onto Cross Creek Road
Turn left onto Tyrol Rd. 500 m
Turn right onto 15th St. 79 m
Turn left onto Camelot Rd 160 m
Camelot Rd turns right and becomes Camwell Dr . There is a parkinglot on the corner. 

What items should I send with my child?

✔Rain or hiking boots & water sandals for the river

✔Long pants & spare set of clothing

✔Loose fitting clothing to allow the body’s insulation to work

✔No one-piece clothing–it is difficult to undress to use the bathroom

✔A small backpack that you can carry

✔A snack in a reusable container (or lunch for full-day programs)

✔A whistle attached to your jacket or a lanyard

✔A water bottle

✔Sunscreen & bug spray (come with it on, and bring some too)

✔An extra set of socks & gloves

✔Plastic bags in case feet or clothing get wet